Quarantine : 7 Smart things to do while in Lock down


Quarantine and COVID19

Quarantine Life

The world is running into chaos. People are losing their lives and the livelihoods. The only way we can save it, is by STAYING HOME. If you are among the ones who read this article, you are more likely to be stuck at home. Wondering what to do next.

All your life, you have been saying “I wish I had more time”. Well, Hello, now you have enough and more time. If you didn’t take any action now, then when are you going to make a change in your life?

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity more than a threat. After all the danger is being settled, we will go back to the way we lived before. And we won’t have time again to achieve our dreams. So this is high time to make a change in your lives. I have listed 7 things which you should focus during this Quarantine period. It will make a significant change to your life.

Quarantine Tip 1: Explore New Business Ideas to Implement.

What was your biggest lesson from COVID19 Pandemic? Mine is simple.

“Jobs are not secure”.

I am sure you would agree. It is highly risky to be depending on a single job to cover all your expenses. It is a single point of failure in life. Lesson learned, but what is the solution?

We should be in possession with money generating assets to be secure. To put simply there are two ways to get those assets.

  • You should be already rich. This is how the Rich get richer.
  • You should start a business. Then build on top of it.

Starting a business is a wide topic to be discussed. However follow these basic guidelines and you will find your own way.

  • Write down all the skills and prioritize them.
  • Understand how you can add value through your skills.
  • Explore demanding areas for your skills.

It will not make you money within first 10 days but it surely will in the long run.

Quarantine Tip 2: Create the Website you always dreamed of.

Let’s be honest. In our mind we always have built a perfect website. But it has not yet become a reality. Why? We had no time. We were too busy. Because we were stuck in our jobs.

Quarantine Tip : Create and Build your Website

It may be either a blog, an ecommerce site or even your business website. Well, now we don’t have those excuses. We have all the time in the world.

How should we create our dream website?

  • You can find all in one solutions, from services like Wix.
  • You can hire a freelancer to build it for you. (I personally recommend Fiverr. It is a trusted marketplace with talented individuals).
  • Learn it yourself. There are plenty of resources in the internet.

Either way, you can spend some time and energy and make your website up and running.

Quarantine Tip 3: Learn a new Skill

It’s never too late to learn a new skill. Sometimes, that new skill will make a great difference to your life. You never know!
There are plenty of online courses which are available for you to acquire new skills.

I have filtered out some of the great places to learn courses. These will surely add value to your lives!

However there are free online training programs as well, Eg: Youtube. You should grow the discipline to sit, find, learn and finish it off.
Learning a new skill helps to keep your mind busy as well.

Quarantine Tip 4: Learn how to Cook.

With the town in lockdown, it is more difficult to get fast food to fill your tummy. You may have to wait for hours till your food arrives. Plus we do not know how hygienic it can be.

So knowing to cook comes in handy these days. If you do not know how to cook, don’t be discouraged. As any skill, you can learn to cook in no time. You don’t have to be a chef, internet recipes would do just fine.

Qurantine Tip : Learn to cook a meal

Start with simple recipes, the ones where all ingredients are in presence. Getting rations and vegetables during a lockdown is quite difficult. Thus it is important to plan your meals for a week and buy all the ingredients at once.

Remember to cook healthy meals that boost immunity during this quarantine time.

Quarantine Tip 5: Create a Simple Indoor Workout plan

Just as it is important to keep away from the virus, it is important to be healthy as well. If you are stuck at home, you won’t get to hit the gym. But don’t make it an excuse. You can always stretch, do a light exercise and go for a walk around the house or garden.On the plus side it will help you boost the immunity level of your body.

Quarantine Tip: Indoor Workout

If you have not been working out all these years, now is the chance to start small. You don’t have to go to a gym, to workout. Nor should you have all the equipment present in a gym.

Start small. Do some running, then pushups. May be post a challenge in Social Media and encourage your friends too. It will be a good motivator.

Quarantine Tip 6: Make a routine.

One great thing about going to an office is, you get to follow a routine. Whether you like it or not, we were forced to divide and allocate our time for tasks. Now that you are stuck at home, it is more likely to waste more time than utilize. This is a problem we all face. A great way to overcome this is through sticking to a routine.

You might be working from home during this time. If you are working from your bed, you are not doing it effectively. You will be wasting a lot of time out of pure laziness.

So it is important to make a routine. Include your exercise, working hours and meal breaks appropriately. Keep a clear distinction between family time and work. Start and finish the day at a reasonable time.

Quarantine Tip 7: Facetime with Colleagues

Quarantine Tip : Facetime with your friends

We all miss the days when we hang out with our friends and colleagues over a coffee or beer. Social distancing is necessary, but we can still keep in touch with each other. You can take 2 coffee breaks with a friend. Schedule 15 minutes to facetime together. You can use Microsoft teams to keep in touch and share tips with colleagues.

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It helps you keep your healthy mentality up during these tough times. We all need each others help, so let’s do it virtually. Let’s make a change.

While facetiming make sure to discuss on future plans and the way forward. Gossips and News are all over the internet and don’t waste time reiterating those.

“What you reap is what you sow”

This is a golden opportunity for you to sit back and plan your future. Don’t waste it. Make sure to go through the above tips once again and make a positive change to your lives. If you find it to be useful, share it among your friends too.


  1. Love the post! I am currently working on point 3. I actually feel its extremely important right now to create multiple ways of earning! God knows what will happen once this lockdown is lifted!

  2. Really enjoyed this 🙂
    I wrote a similar post but focusing on ways to handle your anxiety in Quarantine. I definitely think central to managing anxiety during isolation is routine, finding new activities to do, and unlocking some new creative potential in ourselves. It’s all about mindset and how we choose to respond.
    Will share.

  3. These are all great tips. I know a lot of people are starting to feel frustrated with a lack of things to do. This goes beyond the typical tips you see online. Thanks!!

  4. These are 7 extremely beneficial tips for maximizing success during lock down. I especially agree with learning new skills, creating appropriate workout plan from home and implementing new business ideas and plans.

  5. Really great tips! I was reading with a lot of interest and would love to do it even more! Thank you for giving these ideas! Very useful!
    My favorite is #6 – I am waking up at 8 or 9 o’clock and starting a day! Feeling fresh and motivated 🙂

  6. Great ideas! It’s definitely been challenging for everyone. I’m so used to going to the gym 5 times a week, but trying to makedo with what I have at home! Stay safe!

  7. Quarantine Tip #1 and #3 are definitely chances for us to explore new business ideas to implement now, and hope to come back in business in better version after this pandemic


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