Quarantine Business Plan: Businesses you can run from home.


Latest Quarantine Business Guide for you to be come out of this Pandemic, a much better person.

Quarantine Business Plans : Businesses you can run from home
Quarantine Business Plans

Why do you need a Quarantine Business Plan? All these years we learned: study hard, get a job and be secured. Now more than ever, we all can agree that jobs are not safe. In fact, being stuck on a job hinders you the opportunity to build something of your own. Jobs were said to be risk free, but in reality it is of high risk. You are lucky if you still have a high paying job after the COVID19 Pandemic. But bear in mind, the world is changing and most of the jobs will be automated, in no time.

Why does this matter?

Financial freedom is something we all seek. If you wait till your 8-5 job brings the Financial Freedom, it is something that will never happen. So what you got to have that can ensure the financial freedom you are looking for?


Not just Assets. Money Generating Assets.

But there’s a catch.

What are Money Generating Assets?

To put it simply, there are two types of Money Generating Assets.

  • Businesses
  • Investments

If you don’t possess a business by now, at least in minor scale, it is high time you start getting in to one. In this guide, I have listed 5 ONLINE Business Plans that you can start while being in Quarantined.

Before you jump into them, please have this thought in mind:

“It is your self-doubt and laziness that defines and limits who you are.”

If you want to change who you are, you must take on your self-doubt and laziness. So don’t just read this for the sake of it, be ready to put it into action as well!

Quarantined Business Plan 1: Affiliate Marketing

Quarantine Business Plan : Affiliate Marketing
Quarantine Business Plan : Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is selling others products or services, and get a commission out of it. It is that simple. You do not need to create a product. Or even have a specialized skill for a service. However, you should be a good marketer to pitch in a product or service.

How should I get started?

First you need to evaluate what kind of an audience you have. It could be in Facebook, or YouTube or even your blog. Based on the audience you can choose the products or services. It is recommended to address a need in demand to get the best outcome. In next step, you need to find an affiliate agency that offers these products and services. Example:

  • ClickBank (This is ideal to sell products like Ebooks, Magazines etc)
  • Wix.com (This is ideal to sell Website Services)
  • Fiverr.com (This is ideal to sell Gig Services)

I highly recommend to choose Digital products such as plugins, ebooks, softwares and gigs. Selling Physical products is very hard during Quarantined. Service Dropshipping is the upcoming trending segment in Affiliate Marketing. So if you get into the game through services like FIVERR, you can earn a lot.

Quarantine Business Plan 2: Content Creation

The burning question you might have is, Is this for me?

You may be someone that has a specialized knowledge in a field. Then YEAH!, Content Creation is for you. 100%

What if you are not? What if you do not have any specialization?

Still, you can start off with creating content. HOW?

Here’s the catch!


Stop complaining, stop the laziness, and start LEARNING. Learn on the Go.

Pick an area you are passionate about. Start exploring and reading. You may be in Square One. But only through getting into the water, you will learn how to swim.

To succeed through content creation, there are few ways:

Website Content Creation

Qurantine Business Plan to create website content
Quarantine Business Plan : Website Content

This is quite straightforward. If you can write well, start your own blog. Simple as that.

Explore the Best Freelancers to Create your Perfect Blog.

Further, you can sell your writing services through freelancing. I highly recommend you to start your own blog as well. Because you can turn it into a Money Generating Asset in the long run. It will take time, but it is definitely worth the effort.

Content Creation through YouTube Channel

It is safe to say, YouTube is the second most used search platform after google. It is always convenient for people to watch a video than reading (I Know right!). Thus, you can leverage this to create and gain your audience. Don’t expect to get big bucks, just when you start the Youtube Channel. Put all your effort and create good content. There might be a learning curve on how to create videos.

But if there is a will, there is a way. Once you gained your audience with a good enough content, you can start monetizing. This will be passive income for you as the videos will be played forever. Think of it as an investment where the returns will keep pouring in forever.

Write an Ebook

Quarantine Business Plan: Write an Ebook
Quarantine Business Plan : Write an Ebook

If you are in Quarantine, you have all the time in the world for the things you were once busy for. Why not use it for something useful. Like writing an ebook. It doesn’t need much technical effort to write the content. Once you are fully loaded up with the content, you can hire a freelancer to put it into a nice Ebook.

Link : Click here to explore the best Freelancer to Create you the Perfect Ebook

When you are done with it, you can submit the Ebook to affiliate networks to sell on behalf of you. The marketing gurus and affiliate market pioneers will do it for you and you will get the pay every month (A money generating asset).

Quarantine Business Plan 3: Online Teaching

It is no secret that COVID19 largely affected the businesses and services with physical touch. It includes teaching as well. Although online teaching was around the corner, we still prefer to attend a live lecture. Things have changed, and to expect the past normal to be back is insane. The world is changing, and you should grab the opportunity while its there.

If you are good at teaching, you should definitely consider online teaching. Don’t doubt there won’t be any students, at first do it for free and make your audience. The market for online teaching is not saturated yet. Hence this is the perfect opportunity to enter into a lucrative market.

Quarantine Business Plan : Online Teaching
Quarantine Business Plan : Onlie Teaching

There are few possible ways to enter into Online Teaching. You can set ‘one on one’ sessions or group sessions. Zoom is a good app to get started. Further you can publish prerecorded videos in YouTube as well. This is a very strategic move in the long term as the benefits can be reaped forever.

Read: Best tools to collaborate between people while in Lockdown.

Quarantine Business Plan 4: Voice over work

Quarantine Business Plan : Voice Over Work
Quarantine Business Plan : Voice Over Work

When you look deep into the demanding areas for online work, you will be amazed to know there are good opportunities in Voice Over work. You can start this off with a microphone and a noise free environment. Further Voice editing software such as Audacity or Adobe Premier Pro can be used to edit it. With people stuck at home, the number of opportunities have gone up with the increase in videos. These needs voice over work in different languages, and you can leverage this opportunity.

To find Voice Over work, register yourself in Fiverr with this link.

Quarantine Business Model 5: Design Agency

Going Digital is the newest trend in the world. Online Designing is something which will flourish for a long time with this. If you are a not expert, you can quickly learn these skills to create corporate level designs. The benefits would be sky rocketing.

Quarantine Business Plan : Design Agency
Quarantine Business Plan : Design Agency

Follow this link to discover the Best Industry Level Design Courses.

Designing is of few sectors, and the following takes the prominent:

Social Media Designing

Every company is now getting on to Social Media to promote their business. You can make use of this great opportunity. Because those companies would not have necessary skills to create engaging content in Social Media. They would gladly willing to outsource it to an expert in the area than hiring a full time employee. With a Social Media Design agency, you can attract such companies and take care of their business. The initial step to succeed is to build your own portfolio with great samples.

Graphic Design

Graphic Designing has a wide area to be considered. For example, there is Logo Designing, flyer designing, Vector tracing, and so on. Therefore it is recommended to go through all the areas available and pick a specialization of less supply. For example, the market for designing logos is saturated. However there is still high demand to design Info graphics and vector tracing which you can tap into.

Web Designing

Would you believe, I designed this blog without writing a single line of code by myself?

Yes, designing websites have never been easier, if you know where to look.

WIX provide you a great platform to design blogs with so ease. Having mastered a few, you can start to create websites for clients as well.

Further there are other platforms such as WordPress that will enable you tons of opportunities to build a website. There are already designed templates for most types of businesses. You can easily customize a template and create the website your client desires.

I have included 5 Most Prominent Models which you can choose to build a Sustaining Business during this Quarantine.

Some of these ways needs a bit of learning curve. It will take time to see the results that I can say for sure. But Hey, it’s worth it.

If you are wondering where you can find work opportunities one you acquired the necessary skills, try websites such as: Fiverr , Upwork, 99Designs etc.

These websites can help you to land your first customers. Use it to build something of your own which will generate Passive Income in the long run.

Quote of the Day

Emerge from this Emrgency better than before.

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  1. These are all great ideas for generating income at home! I’m doing several of the above (content creating, writing, and voiceover work), but I’m still in the learning phases of all, so I’m not sure if I’ll be generating income any time soon (although I am making an income from narrating audiobooks). Best of luck in quarantine!

  2. Very inspiring Terry, thank you. This is the perfect time for moving forward with ideas that have been kicking around, but always deferred for another day. Now is the time while isolated, to make progress on these ideas!


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