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A Complete FREE guide on Twitch Emotes covering all you need to know. Including how to make your own Twitch Emotes for your stream.

Custom Made Twitch Emotes – Image Source

Twitch Emotes – What are they?

For those who are not familiar with,

Twitch Emotes allow stream viewers to interact with each other in Real Time. Trust me, It is fun than it sounds when you use awesome twitch emoticons. Users in the stream can share emotes in the form of Emoticons among other viewers. Without a doubt it is similar to communicating in another language, with no words but Emotes. What’s cool about it is, it is a Universal Language with images!

Twitch Emotes – Why though?

Twitch allow a large number of people of the same interest to gather around. Indeed being the largest live streaming site, it is in Real time! So obviously, you do want to share your thoughts and reaction among each other. With custom made emotes that are relevant for the niche it is going to be so much fun. You can incorporate the latest trends, memes, and whatever it is you think is relevant to your stream.

The meanings of an emoticon will differ based on the stream category. It is totally fan dependent. As a stream host, having a quality set of Twitch Emotes allows you to keep a good engagement between viewers. Hence the popularity of your channel will skyrocket.

Twitch Emotes – Things to Consider

You should be enrolled in Twitch Partnership program in order to get access to use Twitch Emotes in your stream. If you are not a partner already, please refer this tips for Applying to the Partner Program from the Twitch Site.

Then, you have to submit the emoticons for approval. There are Subscriber Emoticon Guidelines set by Twitch that you should consider. This requirement guideline is long and almost like a policy sheet we would be always happy to skip. So, I have summarized all you need to know under the following list of Things to Consider.

1. You should fully own it. You cannot use others emotes in your channel. The copy rights of the content of the emoticon should be yours.

2. You can have only limited number of Emote slots. This is called the Partner Emote Tiers and is based on the Subscriber Points you have. If you increase your Subscriber Points, you can unlock more emote slots.

3. You can create your own emoticons or hire an artist to get it done. I have included a description about one of the best artist to create it for you down in the description.

4. The image should be in .png format and should not exceed 25kb.

5. There are 3 sizes per emoticon. You should submit all Three Sizes. (28px, 56px, and 112px)

6. Use a Full Transparent Background

Please note to create quality emotions, you need a high quality graphic designing programs like Adobe Photoshop or Gimp (free; open-source); Whereas it is not recommended to use MS Paint because it does not allow for transparent backgrounds. The best option is to hire an Expert and Affordable freelancer.

Twitch Emotes – Best Examples

I have included some of the best Twitch Emotes Designs which I have come across recently.

Twitch Emotes – How to make Twitch Emotes Absolutely FREE.

Firstly when you joined the Twitch Affiliate program you will get 3 Emote slots you can utilize. However, before creating the emotes please take note of the following factors.

  1. What is the content of the Twitch Emote? Whether it is a Face Emote or a Graphic Emote.
  2. What is the program you are going to use to design it?
  3. What is the time I am going to invest with my competencies?

Once you figured those out, you can start making your twitch emote with following steps using Adobe Photoshop.

1. Choose an Image you want to use.

2. Crop out a Square Image from the original Image.

3. Use a Selection tool and select out what you want to use.

4. Use a mask, and hide out the areas out of selection.

5. Click on File -> Save for Web (Ctrl + Alt + Shift + S)

6. Enter the save format as Png 24

7. Save different Images for the 3 sizes I have mentioned above. (28px, 56px, and 112px)

8. WOW! Great! Now you have your first Twitch Emotes which you can upload.

9. Head over to your twitch Dashboard and click Affiliate / Partner tab. Click on Settings -> Emoticons and upload your images.

However, based on my experience, these steps work when you use a Face Emote. To design graphic emotes, you should create it from scratch. In reality, Graphic Emotes works best to attract a good set of followers. You can modify it to bring out the message you want.

Finally once you upload the twitch emotes, it will go through a screening process to approve. The approval can be manual or automatic based on the status of your standing.

If your emotes are denied, you will be notified via email with the cause behind. You can modify the emotes or upload a different set, based on the reasons. The major benefit of hiring a professional to design your emote is, he has a thorough knowledge of the approval process. All the emotes will be designed with compliance to the guidelines and processes.

Discover this Best Artist to make you the Perfect Twitch Emote.

Other than creating your own image, there are few other ways to get it done. There are design agencies who specialize in creating Twitch Emotes. Although their work is of high quality, it comes with a high price tag.

So, I choose to go with a freelancer in Fiverr, to get my emoticons done. He has completed more than 2000 Orders with 5 stars. The quality of work is exclusive and it only costs $15 to get your twitch emotes done from scratch.

Unquestionably That is a fantastic price tag to design your twitch emote.

Discover the Amazing Seller to Design your Twitch Emotes.

Some of the feedback he has received:

“5 stars all around. This isn’t my first time working with this artist, and once again it’s consistent, high tier and fast!”

“He did an amazing job, no complaining just straight up did what i told him, even if i wanted a change.”

“I don’t know what to say because i’ve already said it with my two last orders. Great joob as usual.”

Some of the Previous Work Samples:

You can contact this Amazing Freelancer to make you the perfect Twitch Emotes.

Above all Fiverr makes it possible for you to make your payment once you are satisfied with the delivery and when you confirm it. It is a trusted market place with talented freelancers. You can get your work done for an affordable price.

You can discover more freelancers who will deliver amazing high quality Twitch Emotes.

Final thoughts

Designing a custom set of Twitch Emotes is a massive deciding factor for the success of your channel. These emoticons should comply with all the policies set upon by Twitch to be approved. There are basically two types of emoticons, Face Emotes and Graphic Emotes. I have included a guide on how to design a face emoticon for yourself. Alternatively for graphic emoticons, you can hire an artist for an affordable price and save tons of time and energy in designing your twitch emotes.


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